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About Me

Hello! My name is Jack Rawles and I am a freelance graphic and web designer based in London.

I studied at The University of Wales and gained a 1st Class Honours degree in Business Management and Information Technology.

I have 7 years experience in design and have a passion for minimal and uncluttered layouts, so if you want something busy look elsewhere. More about me.

What I Do

I pride myself in crafting bespoke, beautiful and uncluttered graphics and websties. I develop using hand coded and clean HTML and CSS.

I enjoy working together with small businesses and individuals to produce work that we can be proud of.

My latest freelance clients include Telenor, Tapstorm and GSD, some of which have taken me on trips as far away as Norway. More about what I do.

Recent Work

I've been working at Rackspace for over 3 years and I love my job. I work closely with the US design team ensuring brand consistency throughout all of our work.

We've recently launched a brand awareness campaign called 'Corporate Visions' - look out for it in tube stations around London!

I'm still taking on freelance work and all of my other recent work can be seen in my portfolio.

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